About Part I: My Personal History

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I am a New York based writer, historian, and professor with a love of sunflowers, tea, and all-things Star Wars. I'm an avid reader of historical fiction, especially when set in medieval Europe, ancient Egypt, and the late Roman Republic. Other interests include playing tennis, Jane Austen, travel (although unfortunately not yet in the TARDIS), Hufflepuff House, hats, the color yellow, and early American history.

The original Hamilton Solo, circa 2010. 

After finishing up my Ph.D. at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY), I started as the Gardiner Assistant Professor of History at Iona College and the Institute for Thomas Paine Studies. You can read more about my role in the other sections, but don't worry, Obi Paine Kanobi is an expected addition to this site sometime in the near future. Although I've lived in Los Angeles and Philadelphia, as a New Yorker of multiple regions -- the Bronx, Long Island, Binghamton, and northern Manhattan -- I'm thrilled to be back in NYC.

 About Part II: Some Shout-Outs

This site, and myself in general, would not be quite so put-together without the design talents of Esther S. Kim and Aimee Kenline, the photography skills of Brittanie Bond, and the artistic vision of Maggie Vicknair, who draws Hamilton Solo to life. You can check out one of Esther's many cool projects, Unplastic, Aimee's amazing work on her professional Instagram, Brittanie's photos, and Maggie's portfolio.